The Best Cloud Storage Services for Businesses and Individuals

Choosing a provider is one of the key stages of moving to the cloud, along with choosing a cloud computing model. A cloud provider is a company that provides the cloud as an infrastructure platform for customers’ data and applications. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a cloud service provider and what factors you should pay attention to first.

How to Distinguish the Best Cloud Storage Services for Business?

Whether using a laptop or smartphone, the cloud allows users to access, manage and edit their personal data. Cloud services have become a booming industry, with literally hundreds of companies offering free and premium cloud services. So, where do you start when looking for a capable cloud storage service? Some software applications will store your data in the cloud independently but provide the option to use their own services or integrate with a cloud storage provider. Cloud storage is sold mainly because it stores all your work and documents in the cloud.

To distinguish the best cloud storage services for business, it is recommended to check the following characteristics:

  • 128-bit AES and SSL encryption is responsible for the security of information stored in the cloud.
  • Simple synchronization and convenient interface. The service is integrated into the Finder application on macOS. Documents created with work are also stored in the cloud.
  • There is also an official client for Windows: it is convenient if you have to use different devices.
  • Content Suggestions: Provides content suggestions based on your activity to help you get direct access to the files you need most.

Integration with various business tools like Zoom and Slack also helps you collaborate with your team members. There is also a calendar integration option that offers relevant note content, files, and templates for your upcoming meetings. Security features include SSL/TLS encryption of files at rest and in transit and two-factor authentication for accounts. However, cloud service does not provide end-to-end encryption. So, what is better to choose, virtual data room vs cloud storage?

Which Are the Best Cloud Storage Services for Businesses and Individuals?

Among the best cloud storage services are:

  • OneDrive.

Data can only be accessed by a user logged into the corporate network and may not be available over the Internet or when the user is on the move.

  • Google Drive.

Google Drive joins Dropbox when it comes to other features like cross-platform accessibility, instant syncing, file sharing, collaboration with others, and more.

  • Koofr.

With offline file sync and backup, you can inadvertently overwrite the file you want to restore. Installation takes place in a few clicks; the network is full of versions for free download; you do not need to enter any key, and you can use it on many computers at the same time.

  • Dropbox.

It also provides better usage of the free version, better pricing plans for individuals, and many tools that can help small businesses grow.

  • Box.

You can use Box to store the contents of your entire computer and clone its hard drive so you can perform a full system restore. Fast and effortless installation – with the appearance of new versions, everything becomes easier to install, which attracts inexperienced users. The main software and drivers are installed simultaneously and almost automatically; as a result, you get a ready-to-use OS. In addition, automatic updates are offered.