iDeals Virtual Data Room Review

Virtual Data Rooms are extremely useful tools that allow companies to conduct various transactions, transactions and securely store documents in one place. VDRs make your job easier during various financial transactions and fundraising and IPOs. In this article, we’ll talk about one of the leading data room providers today, iDeals, and take a closer look at their product including an overview of the main features of the program.

iDeals Virtual Data – Overview

iDeals is a responsible and trustworthy provider with the best security protocols to ensure that your data space is protected from unauthorized access, hacking, and data leakage, and provide you with a safe place to discuss and share documents. The provider offers the best options to enhance your security.  

One example is the “Fence View” feature, which is a great way to protect your device from camera hackers. Another feature is double authentication, it provides a secure login space that ensures that no unauthorized user can gain access to the data room. These and many other features are what make iDeals such a strong competitor.

Key Features of iDeals Virtual Data

Because iDeals is far from being a simple virtual data room with basic features, it offers a large arsenal of different features and capabilities that will be able to meet most company requirements. So the main benefits of iDeals include:

-Improved document management.

IDeals provides unlimited storage for all your documents, so on top of that, it also offers great features for managing those documents that are very simple yet effective. It has a drag-and-drop feature for easy uploading of data to the repository, so the whole process is faster and without any delays, giving you a great opportunity to mass upload all your documents at once

Another unique feature of iDeals is that it supports over 25 file formats, so you don’t need to waste time formatting all your documents as it does it automatically when you upload them to the system. The files are also automatically indexed and numbered.


IDeals has passed the security standards test perfectly and is therefore a provider with one of the best security scores. In addition to the features already mentioned, iDeals offers remote destruction as well as access control for documents. Administrators decide who gets access to view a file or have other interactions with it. Other useful features are dynamic watermarks as data leak protection and a secure spreadsheet viewer.

-Complex interface.

No matter how complex the system is, providers need to make sure that the interface is as user-friendly as possible, and iDeals understands this. Therefore, providers are trying to smooth out complex functions and make them as easy to understand as possible for users with any level of technology. You don’t need to install any plugins to sign in and the system uses a single sign-in and supports mobile apps. Moreover, the interface supports many languages other than English and uses a scrolling function to save you precious time even when browsing through the files

-User Management

Invite and remove users from your VDR system individually or in bulk with ease and customize user access to the different data rooms and Q&A sections. As an administrator, you can even decide how often other users get notified of new documents.

Set restrictions on how users can interact with the document, such as view, print, copy, screenshot, and so on. You can also divide all VDR participants into groups, which will improve collaboration and speed up work on projects.