Ansarada Data Room Review

Virtual data rooms are an indispensable part of any modern company, allowing you to securely and efficiently conduct transactions, thereby increasing the company’s productivity. One such VDR is Ansarada, it includes in its functionality processes based on artificial intelligence that help track the motives of the other party in the transaction. Either way, both parties benefit. In this article, we will review the Ansarada provider and explain its main advantages.

The hallmark of the Ansarada provider

The developers of Ansarada are famous for providing one of the simplest solutions on the market, they try to ensure simplicity in everything their customers will touch. The user-friendly and intuitive design allows users to easily adapt to the space and get started with the virtual data room in the minimal learning curve. Upload, save, share and manage files in a secure space in the shortest amount of time possible. That said, it’s worth mentioning that VDR is more focused on helping you close the deal than on administrative issues.

The space has job-based licenses so that each user can optimize their work through the platform. These users can be board members, administrators, investors, and deal advisors.

Ansarada also provides automatic email notifications, which ensure that third parties interested in a deal are sure to get the information they need and are always up to date.

Main features and capabilities of the Ansarada Data Room

Ansarada Data Room is a combination of a virtual data room and a bidding platform. Below we will discuss the main features and capabilities that the provider is willing to provide us with through its features:

  • Universality in industry solutions

Ansarada can offer its services to organizations that develop in a wide variety of industries. This includes not only commercial companies, but also financial institutions, real estate companies, and the legal field. Ansarada also provides board portal services and is designed for the M&A process, fundraising, and IPO and exits.

  • Folder Management

The Virtual Data Room supports almost any type of file and you don’t have to spend time manually formatting it.  When you upload data to the space, all documents are automatically indexed. You can also easily organize your folders in the space as you like using the drag-and-drop feature so that both you and your colleagues and potential partners can easily adapt and understand what’s what.

  • File protection and digital rights management

Once your sensitive data is uploaded to the space, it is securely protected with 256-bit encryption that avoids data leakage and renders it useless in the event of theft. Space also performs constant data backups. The program administrator can also set detailed permissions for documents, this serves as additional security and allows the administrator to decide which users can or cannot view a certain document and how they can interact with it (no printing, no downloading, no copying). The administrator also establishes document access time limits and can set the watermarking function of the document.  

  • Easy to use

You don’t need to install plug-ins to work with the space, and it also has an interface for mobile devices and a web-based spreadsheet and document viewer function

  • Simplified search

Find your file in seconds with a quick search by content or by name among the many documents you need. 

  • Reporting

VDR provides all kinds of reporting including logs and audits, graphical reports, scheduled reports, and user activity tracking